Charity Support

The Whole Autism Family

The Whole Autism Family was formed in October 2014, by parents who wanted to build a better future for their children. They are a completely voluntary support group, with all money raised going directly into supporting families affected by autism.

They have created a fantastic support network, offering access to literature, training courses and professional guests. The support group is accessible by the whole family, from individuals affected by autism, siblings, parents and carers to extended family members, greatly reducing the isolation felt by many.

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Tolan’s Voice

Support for children with Autism. Works with ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis) programmes to help autistic children to learn to communicate via PECS (Picture exchange system) verbally and through education.

Welcome Centre Food Banks

We offer practical support to local people in desperate need, to individuals and families coping with job loss, debt and eviction, homelessness, domestic violence, drug or alcohol problems and physical or mental health issues.

Feeding the Homeless

Once a month, a team of our employees and friends venture into various city centres to feed, clothe and chat with people sleeping rough who through unfortunate circumstances have found themselves on the streets. Around 280,000 people from all walks of life became homeless last year.