Wave & Pay Facility

Ensure your vending machines are accessible to all customers with the latest payment technology – offer contactless payment via card or phone app to ensure the facility is constantly available.

The FM Taste is proud to embrace new technology ensuring customers can pay for their vending products in a way that suits them. We appreciate not everyone chooses to carry cash, and that it can be inconvenient to try and find the right change to make a purchase. That’s why we offer the majority of our machines with the option of a contactless payment system – ensuring your customers can pay for their products with ease.

Our contactless vending machines support all credit or debit cards for secure fast and convenient payments. Payments can be made using Contactless, Chip or Magnetic stripe. Mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay are also supported by the contactless payment vending machines making them widely accessible for all.

  • Highly secure transactions
  • Staff remain on-site rather than travel to supermarket
  • More reliable than coin payment
  • Greater accessibility

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All users will have access to the Monyx Wallet App, which will provide a host of additional functionality such as loyalty programs, employee discounts, competitions and the ability to track all purchases and digitize the refund process.

In addition to the payment system our unit will also provide a telemetry link directly to your vending machines meaning that we will be aware of any issues instantly and able to promptly despatch an operative to remedy any challenges.

To learn more about our vending machine payment solutions, get in touch with our friendly team today. Find out how our vending machines can be connected with a wide variety of payment methods to suit your business needs.

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