Why have a Micromarket?

The Pause concept can be applied to a range of scenarios, delivering a host of benefits to commercially aware organisations competing for the talented millennial. In consultation with The FM Taste an environment can be created where colleagues will feel valued and empowered, energising productivity, helping to retain talented individuals and improving employee wellbeing.

  • A self service mini supermarket open 24/7
  • Demonstrate staff wellbeing is high on the company‚Äôs agenda.
  • Enhance the appearance & feel of your business to staff, visitors and competitors alike.
  • Retain staff on-site at break and lunch times

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What will my Pause Micromarket look like?

All Micro Markets are a bespoke design that takes into account the area in which it is situated, the number of users and the type of environment. The client will always have a great deal of input in all aspects of the design, the range of products that are offered, payment systems, guest access and loyalty programs.

The appearance of the unit needs to reflect modern trends in retail display so that the user will be comfortable with, and attracted to using the facility. The payment module needs to be a simple unit that everyone can use easily. It must accept debit & credit cards as that is the method that most people are choosing to pay for goods. The flow of the product sections needs to aid the simple use of this facility and attract the impulse purchases. The design needs to acknowledge the likely popularity of the varying sections and be configured to cope with the anticipated demand.

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What can I buy from a Micromarket?

Product mix is important. A micro market offers the opportunity to customize the product selection to suit the business requirements and the wishes of the employees. We listen to our clients and base the service requirements around their needs. The software used by The FM Taste ensures the market is always filled with the everyday essentials.

As a retailer we always need to keep a balanced view of the products that will most be in demand as the seasons change. The healthier options are becoming far more popular, but that means there is still a great demand for that treat during the working day. The Micro Market is not limited by the number of spirals in a machine and allows the service provider to offer a much wider range and include products that would not dispense from a traditional vending machine.

Every day necessities. Why have a micro market and just stock the products you could have purchased from a vending machine? Will your staff demand more from this service? The Micro Market could vend basic medication such as paracetamol, or a frozen meal to take home, a bottle milk for the fridge at home. A Micro Market in the workplace really can be the true convenience store.

  • Products for both the working day and home readily available.
  • Greater number of users can browse the offer at the same time
  • Reduces the need to travel at break times.
  • Wider range of products available compared with a standard vending offer.

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Greater Choice

Sweet Treats

Hot Drinks


Payment & Consumer friendly features

The kiosk software allows employees to create their own account. Once this has been created it allows the system to recognise the user by varying means including fobs, building pass or biometric thumb print. They can then access a number of facilities such as rewards or discounts, when using the Micromarket. Other features such as pre determined discounts for employees, or reduced price periods can also be accessed by those with an account.

The payment kiosk is a touch screen checkout similar to any you would find in a major supermarket. This allows the user to pay by credit or bank card, or have goods charged to their personal account or use employee reward vouchers. Looking after clients or suppliers while they are on site has never been easier. For all visitors to your business it is possible to create a guest pass that can operate in the same way as a gift voucher. Allowing the user to access drinks, snacks and possibly a meal through the Pause Micromarket.

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