Our Management Team

Who are The FM Taste?

The FM Taste are a complete vending solutions provider and manufacture a range of freshly made food products specifically for the vending market. Our success over the past 20 years has seen us grow by reputation into one of the largest providers of fresh food vending in the UK. Our customer-centric approach coupled with the combined industry experience of our management team has lead to great client loyalty.

Experience gained and expansive history means that as a team we are constantly looking forward and developing ideas that will help to keep The FM Taste at the forefront of developments such as  Contactless payments, Telemetery and Micromarkets. As a team we both recognise and embrace the fast pace of change in the unattended retailing market. This sector has seen a great amount of innovation and development over the past few years. Probably more than since the early vending machines became an everyday part of our lives.

We understand the importance of refreshments in the workplace, the diversity of the workforce that will want to access products and the impact both positive and negative that unattended retailing can have.  With the  competitive market place we have today, many forward thinking businesses are looking for additional factors that will influence employee wellbeing, retention and productivity. The workplace refreshments offer is one area in which The FM Taste can ensure your company will stand out from the competition.

Martin Kilgallon (Managing Director)

Martin (Happy customers) Kilgallon has come a long way since the “Full Monty” days of his early 20’s. Having realised his calling most likely laid elsewhere, and that people needed to eat and appreciated good Yorkshire value for money, the Full Munchy was born. Initially supplying freshly made sandwiches and rolls to convenience stores throughout West Yorkshire region.

Over 20-plus years the business has grown into a supplier of refreshment services and equipment to a large number of clients throughout Yorkshire and the Midlands. He continues to confuse all non-Yorkshire folk by referring to a bread roll as a Teacake.

Away from the office Martin is passionately involved with a local charity helping children with Autism. Even taking on the London Marathon to raise money for the charity in 2019, despite all the comments about his unusual running style.

Richard Detheridge (Sales Director)

Having trained in the artistic environment of theatre lighting, he completely changed direction and found his calling in life was selling vending solutions. Extremely detailed with every project he takes on, a tidy freak, impatient and quietly determined, he will listen to the clients wishes and do his best to provide the most suitable solution.

A rare specimen of the sales species, he really cares about the customer. Has experience of all areas the vending business and uses that knowledge to translate client requests into a functioning service, avoiding all the pitfalls along the way.

Jane Turner (Operations Manager)

Before blessing ourselves with her friendly face and harmonious demeanour Jane was honing her skills and knowledge of all things operational from the ground up. Another member of our team that has a great deal of experience in most areas of the vending business. She know’s the systems and process inside out. To be fair she did write a number of them.

A hard worker, she expects the same from her colleagues and will always let us know if we have not delivered on her expectations. If you want an honest answer, ask Jane. However be prepared for a response you may not want. A straight forward Yorkshire lass that wants to supply our clients with a great service we can all be proud of.

Roz McMillan (Administration Manager)

O.C.D. is a term that Roz often uses to describe herself. She has the tidiest desk ever seen, with a place for everything and everything in it’s place. The stapler being on the wrong side of the desk could trigger a meltdown. Roz’s world is black and white which helps keep all her colleagues on the right lines. It either work’s or it doesn’t, there aren’t any grey areas, which really makes the difference in her role at The FM Taste. The administration of every aspect of the business will involve Roz and have her input, keeping all processes efficient and running like a well-oiled machine. She is the glue that keeps the differing departments of the business working harmoniously together. Ensuring the we can all provide the seamless service our clients deserve.