Snacks & Confectionary

Delight users with tasty snack and confectionary vending machines, providing easy-use food solutions on the go.

Provide incentives, improve wellbeing and delight users with our tasty snack solutions! Our modern vending machines stock a range of Crips, snacks, confectionary and drinks – giving a flexible automatic solution that will make your organisation stand out.

At The FM Taste we pride ourselves on consistently delivering outstanding snack vending solutions that won’t let you down. Our core range of products will provide all the trusted brands your colleagues will demand. Intermingled with lines chosen to suit the particular environment. Complete solutions including chilled drinks & fresh food can be delivered from a single machine.

  • Branded products
  • Reliable equipment
  • High capacity
  • Guaranteed vend system
  • Contactless payment technology

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Serve large volumes of customers and deliver outstanding experience with our advanced technology! With state-of-the-art design, our powerful machines will transform your space. Our machines allow for multiple payment formats and have touchscreen functionality, programmable function buttons and more.

Have confidence in the eco-friendly values of The FM Taste. Our innovative machines use an efficient energy saving technology, LED lighting, low power modes, the use of recycled materials wherever possible and more.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive food offering try one of our Food-Combi solutions. These tailored machines can combine a snack, drink and fresh food offering to deliver a wide range of refreshments that suit all your requirements. Several selections in your machine can be dedicated to our freshly prepared food offering, which is routinely supplied and restocked via our fully-managed service. Our trusted food services are SALSA-approved, guaranteeing quality processes and temperature-controlled distribution of all our products.

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