Why is water so important in preparing an espresso?

Within The Fm Taste, water plays a pivotal role alongside roasted coffee. Comprising 92% of an espresso, water quality significantly influences the coffee we enjoy. The origin of water, whether from rivers, lakes, or underground sources, brings diverse compositions that impact aroma and taste. Essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, bicarbonate, sulfate, and chlorine contribute to flavor nuances.

For optimal coffee, chlorinated or hard water poses challenges, requiring filtration to neutralize undesirable tastes and prevent machine malfunctions. Maintaining a neutral pH, ideally between 6.5 and 9.5, is crucial during the extraction phase to preserve the coffee’s authentic taste. Water treatment in connected machines can introduce unwanted flavors.

The FM taste espresso machines prioritize water quality, recommending professional filters tailored to water hardness and pH. This ensures a consistent, high-quality espresso experience. In essence, water quality is paramount, shaping the taste and aroma of coffee, while The FM taste’s commitment to precision guarantees an exceptional espresso every time.