You need to know about the new NEO Q Coffee Machine !


NEO Q emerges as the quintessential solution for individuals and businesses alike, dedicated to the unwavering delivery of top-notch water and hot beverage experiences, all while championing the cause of sustainability. Crafted with innovation at its core, the NEO Q seamlessly intertwines the realms of fresh filtered water and exquisite coffee within a single, cutting-edge machine. This ingenious fusion not only elevates the standards of refreshment but also catalyses fostering sustainable practices across diverse environments and scenarios. Whether it graces the bustling corridors of corporate offices, the cosy nooks of coworking spaces, or the vibrant ambiance of hospitality settings, the NEO Q stands as a testament to the harmony between quality, convenience, and environmental consciousness.

Cold filtered water

The water filtration system ensures tasteless and odourless water, surpassing traditional tap water quality. Optional ultraviolet light filtration eliminates bacteria on the spot, providing pure and safe water service. NEO Q offers a water chiller option for instant cold water dispensing.

Freshly ground coffee beans

Exceptional Coffee Service: Providing reassurance with an outstanding coffee experience. The double bean feature offers various specialty coffees, catering to even the most discerning tastes. A diverse recipe range ensures variety, reaching a broad audience from high-quality espresso-based drinks to delightful chocolates, teas, and flavoured beverages.

Sustainable Practices

Championing material reuse, The FM Taste reduces single-use plastic consumption and minimizes CO2 impact. Encouraging the use of personal bottles, NEO Q promotes sustainability by discouraging disposable ones. This eco-friendly approach ensures a more sustainable water consumption method directly from the main supply, eliminating transport and plastic usage.

Own Cup Advocacy

Neo Q actively encourages the use of reusable bottles and glasses while discouraging disposable options, promoting a sustainable approach to water consumption. The Neo’s I-Detect, with automatic cup detection, avoids the use of disposable cups, contributing to a more environmentally friendly and responsible choice.